So Max just turned 6 months last May 10 and he started eating solid food. I was so excited to feed Max with solid food because when he was 5 months old he shows signs that he wanted to eat already. He would grab glasses while we drink in front of him, he would act chewing when he sees someone eating. My mother-in-law told me I’m lucky because he seems like he’ll not give you a hard time eating. And she was right! Max eaten a lot! From apple, pear, avocado, carrots, squash,papaya. He did not reject anything! He’ll even get mad if you slow down giving him food. I guess it runs in the blood (I love eating!!!!) What’s your baby’s favorite pureed food? Max’s favorite is *drum roll*



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Here I am now, don’t know what else to puree!

If you have any suggestion leave a comment below. I would love to get some ideas from you crazy mamas out there!

Happy changing nappy! 🙂