“Bundle of Joy.”

That’s what everybody told me when I gave birth to my son Maxwell last November 2016. “Congrats with your bundle of joy!” Oh it’s such a music to my ears to the point that I wanted to go home right away to enjoy our ‘bundle of joy’. Sadly, I had an emergency CS because of 24 hours labor. But didn’t feel anything for 24 hours?!?!? Yup you heard it right didn’t feel anything at all. So what caused my CS if I did not feel anything? Max’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his forehead that’s why my cervix did not open all the way. I was only measured 3cm in 24 hours. My OB was shocked and said maybe the little boy was so naughty that’s why this happened to us. Of course, just like in the movies when your baby started crying mama will also cry. And that ladies and gentlemen happened to me! HAHAHA!

So Max needed to stay in NICU for a week and that was hell to me. But my Pedia and OB told me ‘good for you, you will have a week to recover and sleep’ Oh God here we go again with sleep thing. You also heard this when you were pregnant right mamas? I didn’t get this at all. How can you sleep with a huge tummy and makes you very uncomfortable to lie down, and feel excited to see your baby boy as the same time.

But now, I understand all the advices that my mame’s, tita’s, ate’s advice that I need to sleep as much as I can before I give birth because I’m gonna need it. Now, I’m tired as hell and regrets that I did not sleep a lot when I was pregnant. But hey, this crazy mama is surviving each and every day that I’m with my little bundle of joy! 🙂

Happy changing nappy! 😛